Merrymake is

Merrymake is very easy to use. All the tools you would normally have to setup for running on cloud are abstracted away. The platform is infraless, or infrastructure-free, meaning it is incredibly easy to refactor and scale software. And you can use the language of your choice, and work with the tool you know.

Merrymake is a fully managed serverless and infraless cloud platform

Fully managed

All infrastructure is fully managed, which means that all aspects of the infrastructure are taken care of. This includes the management of servers, networking, operating systems, containers, and message queues. By having a fully managed infrastructure, you can have peace of mind knowing that all the necessary components are being maintained and kept secure and up to date for you, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your business or project.

Flexible architecture

A well-designed communication architecture that supports refactoring is of utmost importance. It not only ensures flexibility for your system to evolve but also provides a solid foundation for future enhancements and improvements. By utilizing Merrymake’s robust communication architecture, you can easily adapt and modify your system as the needs and requirements change over time. This flexibility allows for seamless integration of new functionalities and technologies, making your system future-proof and capable of meeting the ever-evolving demands of the digital landscape.
Merrymake's communication architecture enables easy refactoring
Merrymake support many programming languages

Many languages

Since Merrymake supports a wide range of programming languages, your developers have the flexibility to choose the most suitable tool for each specific task. This allows them to leverage the strengths and capabilities of different programming languages, enabling them to tackle diverse challenges with ease. By providing the freedom to mix programming languages seamlessly, Merrymake empowers your developers to harness the full potential of their skills and create innovative solutions that meet the unique requirements of your projects.

Works well with

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Merrymake is all about speed. Time-to-market is sped up because the platform allows developers to focus on their products. When your software is running, Merrymake enables it to scale up and down instantly, because it is so fast, that there are zero cold starts. Oh, and it can scale without worrying about quotas. And should an incident occur, the platform comes with built-in error replay and a simulator, that enables developers to quickly get their system back up.

Faster time-to-market

With the availability of advanced and cutting-edge tools that are already set up and configured, developers can allocate their valuable time toward the successful implementation of business logic, thus resulting in a significant reduction in the time required to bring the product or service to the market. This streamlined approach enables developers to efficiently utilize their skills and expertise, optimizing the overall development process and ultimately leading to expedited time-to-market.
Merrymake has significantly faster cold starts than Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud


With an incredibly fast cold start time of less than half a second in 99% of cases (P(99)<0.5), Merrymake enables every component of your system to effortlessly and immediately scale up to handle any level of demand. This means that regardless of how much traffic or usage your system experiences, Merrymake ensures that it can seamlessly adapt and accommodate without any delays or performance issues.

Scale without quotas

While other platforms often claim to offer infinite scale, the truth is that hidden quotas prevent true scalability. These quotas can be extremely challenging to surpass, limiting the growth potential. However, with Merrymake, you can break free from these limitations and achieve quotaless scaling. This means that you can experience a level of scalability that comes closest to unlimited, giving you the ability to expand your operations without being constrained by hidden quotas.

Faster incident recovery

Merrymake's simulator is an advanced tool that offers developers a wide range of capabilities. With its innovative features, users can diagnose and correct errors locally. Since it operates locally, developers can explore multiple potential solutions simultaneously. The ability to replay errors facilitates faster recovery, while the ability to test solutions enhances confidence in incident recovery. By harnessing the power of Merrymake's simulator, users can enhance their troubleshooting skills and streamline their incident management processes for increased productivity and effectiveness.

The architecture of both Merrymake's software and hardware makes our platform extremely reliable. Experimentation can be done in production, and when you're ready to deploy, it is done with zero downtime. Security is built into every component, and both software and hardware have redundant copies. This all translates to three nines uptime. And should you require support, you'll have direct access to the developers behind the platform.

Experiment without risk

Merrymake’s communication architecture is designed to be indirect, which means that new services can be easily deployed and integrated into existing flows. This provides the flexibility to test new functionality or analytics without any risk of disrupting the service for users. Additionally, the indirect nature of the architecture ensures that the deployment of new services does not impact the overall performance or reliability of the existing services. This approach allows for seamless experimentation and innovation within the system, enabling continuous improvement and optimization of the services provided to users.

Zero downtime deployment

In order to ensure a seamless transition, Merrymake deploys new versions of services without causing any interruption to the existing services. This means that before shutting down the current version, the new versions of services are fully deployed and tested to guarantee a smooth and uninterrupted experience for users.

Secure by construction

Every component in Merrymake is meticulously designed and developed with security as the top priority. This ensures that all services running within Merrymake are completely isolated from each other, providing an added layer of protection. Additionally, the system is equipped with automatic dependency management, which ensures that all dependencies are constantly monitored and updated. In the event that new security vulnerabilities are discovered, Merrymake promptly applies patches to ensure the system's overall security is maintained at all times.

No single-point-of-failure

In order to ensure maximum reliability and seamless operation, all parts of Merrymake, including its hardware and software components, are designed to have redundant copies that work in tandem. This means that even if one component were to fail, the other copy would seamlessly take over, ensuring uninterrupted performance and minimizing any potential disruptions.

Enterprise-grade hardware

We invest in the most advanced and cutting-edge enterprise-grade hardware available in the market. Our selection includes top-tier brands such as AMD Epyc, Intel Xeon Gold, Cisco, Ubiquity, and Western Digital Gold, renowned for their exceptional quality, reliability, and performance. By procuring the latest generation hardware, we ensure that our systems are equipped with the most advanced technological capabilities, empowering businesses to thrive in today's fast-paced and competitive environment.

99.9%+ Uptime

While our primary goal is to maintain 100% uptime for our services, it is important to note that occasional incidents may arise that are beyond our control. However, we are committed to providing a level of reliability that is in line with the standards set by most internet service providers. Therefore, we offer a guarantee of 99.9% uptime over a 30-day period for all customer workloads. Rest assured, we understand the significance of uninterrupted service and continuously monitor the performance of our systems. For your convenience, you can always stay updated on the status of our systems by visiting our dedicated status page. (Conditions apply: Guarantee only for paying customers)

Great support

You can initiate a conversation or engage in direct communication with the developers who are responsible for maintaining and continuously enhancing the platform. This will enable you to promptly address any issues that may arise or seek clarification on questions you may have.