Stronger than no-code,
Simpler than cloud

Reduce the cost of building software automation.

Merrymake is for when your logic becomes too complex for no-code, but not complex enough to justify cloud.

Merrymake is especially suited for



Connect different systems to transform data or enhance functionality.


Run tasks on a schedule, like once a minute, or last day of the month.


Parallelize to quickly process large amounts of data.

You write the code,
we keep it running.

Fully managed

Less developer time wasted configuring and maintaining infrastructure.


Humans shouldn't wait for metal. Faster execution times means lower cost and better end-user experience.
Cold start: Azure vs Google Cloud vs Merrymake


Dashboard mockup

Faster time-to-market

Faster time-to-market and incident recovery.

Experiment without risk

Experiment fast and risk-free - in production.

Flexible architecture

Easily split and recombine services, so you can avoid expensive and risky rewrites.

Faster incident recovery

Replay failed sessions in slow-motion.
Merrymake works well with:

Many programming languages

.Net, Java, NodeJS, Python, PHP, Go, Ruby, Clojure, Rust, Scala.

No single-point-of-failure

Redundancies ensure that the system can survive any foreseeable failure.

Enterprise-grade hardware

ISAE 3402 certified data centers and brand new servers.

Secure by construction

Everything is sandboxed and communication is encrypted.

99.9%+ Uptime

Outages are rare, brief, and communicated publicly.

Great support

Talk directly with the developers to resolve issues quickly.

Scale without quotas

Experience truly unlimited scale, as there are no quota limits.

Free network traffic

No more complicated ingress and egress calculations, our network traffic is free.

Zero downtime deployment

Intelligent routing means you can update your software while it keeps running.